Democrat-Dominated Jan. 6 Committee Sets Its Sights on Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy

Biden Invokes George Wallace to Disparage Republicans, Despite Having Praised Wallace in the Past

Biden Administration Announces More Tests for Schools

DeSantis Uses Annual Speech to Underline What Makes Florida Different From Most Other States

US Imposes Sanctions on North Koreans, Russian, After Missile Tests

Democrat Cherfilus-McCormick Wins US House Seat in Florida Special Election

GOP Senators Introduce Legislation Sanctioning Beijing Over Obstruction of COVID-19 Origins Investigation

Ethiopian Drone Strike Kills 17 on Day of Biden-Abiy Call

Jerome Powell Faces Progressives, Signals Pivot to Curtail Inflation During Senate Confirmation Hearing

Suit Accuses Wisconsin Attorney General of Racial, Gender Discrimination

GOP Candidates for Texas Governor Call Abbott’s Border Strategy a ‘Failure’

Biden Calls for End to Filibuster if Needed to Pass Changes to Voting Rules

Republicans Defend Filibuster as Every Senator’s Leverage Against ‘Short-Sighted ‘ Radical Politics

Biden Administration Decides to Limit Medicare Coverage of New Alzheimer’s Drug

Supreme Court Likely to Rule Against Biden Administration Vaccine Mandates: Rob Henneke

Legal Experts Respond to Supreme Court’s Split Decision on Vaccine Mandates

EPA Disapproves Wyoming Coal Plant Plan Despite Signaling Support Under Trump

11 Oath Keepers Charged With Seditious Conspiracy to Prevent Transfer of Power on Jan. 6

Hawley, Democrats’ Bills Would Ban All Stock Trading by Members of Congress

House Republicans Demand Answers From Education Secretary on ‘Domestic Terrorism’ Letter, School Closures

GOP Threatens to Bar Its Presidential Nominees From Participating in Some Debates

Biden Announces Increase in Medical Military, COVID Tests

Biden Says Government to Make ‘High-Quality Masks’ Available to Americans for Free

Pelosi: McCarthy Has ‘Obligation’ to Cooperate with Jan. 6 Panel

Sinema Says She Won’t Vote Down Filibuster, Dealing Another Blow to Biden

Congress Launching Caucus to Bolster Relationship Between Israel and Arab Nations

‘Unsecured Elections Are State and National Security Threat’: Michigan Secretary of State Candidate Kristina Karamo

Democrats’ Election Bill Schemes Lack Much-Needed GOP Support

Rep. Greene: DC Vaccine Mandate Will Drive People to Shop, Dine Elsewhere

‘Abuse of Power’: GOP Leader Kevin McCarthy Refuses To Cooperate With Jan. 6 Panel

White House Will Meet Executives From Apple, Amazon, IBM to Discuss Software Security

US Lawmakers Seek Proof From Olympic Committee That Uniforms Will Not Be Made Using Forced Labor

Defense Attorney Accuses Jan. 6 Committee of Manipulating Public Opinion ‘Rather Than Collecting Facts’ on Ray Epps

‘Very Disturbing’: Watchdog Finds Fundraising Surges for Secretary of State Candidates in Swing State

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